Bihar Hospital Shocker

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You would have unheard of such an incident ever. But this is for real and it has happened in the state of Bihar, India.

One of the local residents, Ramnath Mishra of Ara district was critically injured while trying to board a running Sharamjivi Express train. He had slipped and fallen onto the tracks and rushed to Sardar Hospital. Since his right leg was almost severed, it had to be amputated.
Sardar Hospital, Buxar


Now, just when the doctors were cleaning the operated part of the patient’s leg, a stray dog entered the operation theatre, shockingly unnoticed by anyone outside the OT. The black stray dog not just came close to the patient, but also sneaked away with the amputated leg in his mouth.

A source from Buxar said that the hospital staff were stunned by this incident and somehow tried to make hurried efforts to locate the dog, but the same were in vain.

The image of the dog stuffed with the piece of flesh has been taken down from the internet.



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This is not the first time negligence on part of hospitals have been reported from Bihar. In 2016, another such similar case was reported as well. It was apparently a foreign tourist’s body that was kept outside the post-mortem room of the hospital and due to dereliction of duty, the body was then eaten by stray dogs.

There is a provision for patients to file Medical malpractice cases against hospitals, doctors, nurses or technicians who have harmed or injured them due to incorrect diagnosis or negligence during treatment.

Following actions could be seeked by a patient in such a scenario:

  1. Get in touch with the Medical Professional Involved
  2. Contact the Relevant Medical Licensing Board
  3. Check with a Medical Assessment to Confirm whether Your Case Has Merit
  4. Understand in Depth how to File a Claim
  5. Many could consider an Out-of-Court Settlement

The story has been reported first by TOI



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