Adult Girl from Bihar Thrashed for Eloping with Boy of Different Caste


An 18-year-old Muslim girl in Nawada district, Bihar was tied to a tree and caned by her family members for loving a Hindu boy.

The young woman was tied to a tree and flogged by villagers mercilessly for hours on end on the orders of the local panchayat on Friday because she eloped with a man belonging to a different caste. Her punishment was allegedly a result of the village panchayat’s diktat.

Bihar girl tied, thrashed for eloping with man of different caste
The girl’s parents supported the punishment as well, proving the utter orthodox mindset that still exists in our society. They merely stood by and watched her being beaten up. The incident was filmed and the video has gone viral on social media.

The girl’s father, Mohammad Farid Ansari, said the punishment was justified by the ‘crime’ committed by his daughter.

“We want her to get married to someone from our own caste and not outside of it,” he said.

According to news agency ANI, the woman, who was from Rajauli village, had run away with her boyfriend on 30th September and the couple was living together in a nearby village.

However, she was caught by the villagers, who dragged her back to Rajauli, where the panchayat decided that she must be punished for eloping with a man of a different caste

The video of the assault shows that many villagers watched the assault and the girl fainted several times, although that did not deter the men from thrashing her.

In a statement she gave to the media later, the woman confessed that she had run away from home of her own free will. The police are also looking for Rupesh Kumar, the girl’s partner who is on the run.

The alleged perpetrators however, were not arrested, but instead just given a warning. Such incidents make the society realise how rural India will take many more years to change their outlook.



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