RSS affiliated Bajrang Dal, BJP & VHP leaders are main accused in Bulandshahr violence that led to murder of Cop Subodh Kumar

Yogesh Raj

More than 70 persons have been booked by the police on Tuesday following the mob violence in Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh. Two persons, including a cop Subodh Kumar Singh and a civilian were killed in the riots.


Amongst the persons held, there have been many on the list who have alleged links to groups affiliated to the RSS. According to a senior police officer, four persons, Chaman, Devendra, Ashish Chauhan and Satish, have been arrested so far.

Out of the 70 booked, the police have named 27 persons, while 50-60 of them remain unknown. Some of them are allegedly members of the Bajrang Dal.

Further, the police has also filed an FIR against seven locals, all Muslims, for alleged cow slaughter on the complaint from one Yogesh Raj, reportedly a Bajrang Dal member. Raj, one of the main accused, is a senior leader of the Hindu outfit, who had alleged that he witnessed a cow being slaughtered at a field on Monday, 3rd December.
Yogesh Raj

What does the FIR say?

In his complaint to the police, Yogesh Raj said that at around 9am on Monday, he and his friends Shiv Kumar and Saurabh were in the Mahav jungle area when they spotted the accused persons slaughtering a cow. The FIR also stated that upon seeing Yogesh and his friends, the accused fled from the spot.

The FIR charges seven persons, identified as Sudef Chaudhary, Ilyas, Sharafat, Anas, Wajid, Pervez, and Sharfuddin, all of Nayabas village, under Sections 3, 5 and 8 of the Uttar Pradesh Cow Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 1995 and Section 295 of the IPC.
Yogesh Raj


Yogesh Raj’s family members have confirmed his connection to the Bajrang Dal as well has his presence at the spot on Monday, but denied that he had any role in the murder, as reported by The Indian Express. A video footage of him arguing with the police at the spot has also surfaced but currently the authenticity is yet to be verified.

NDTV senior reporter Sreenivasan Jain tweeted a picture of Yogesh Raj this morning showing his clear affiliation with the Bajrang Dal.

Individuals named in the FIR are Yogesh Raj, Vishal Tyagi, Satendra Rajput, Chaman, Devendra, Upendra Raghav, Ravi Sainu, Ashish Chouhan, Shikhar Agarwal, Rajkumar Pradhan, Jeetu, Sachin, Ramesh Jogi, Vineet, Sourabh, Sumeet, Chotu, Satish, Vikas Tyagi, Pawan, Vikrant Tyagi, Bablu, Ankur, Robin, Tinku, Guddu, Harendra. They are all the residents of Syana tehsil in Bulandshahr, where the violent Hindutva mob killed police officer Singh on rumours of cow slaughters.

Another name which surfaced is Shikhar Agarwal, who is linked to the BJP’s youth wing in Syana. As per several media reports, Upendra Raghav allegedly belongs to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP).

A former pradhan of Mahav village, where the carcasses were allegedly discovered, has also been booked in the FIR filed on a complaint from sub-inspector Subash Chandra at the Syana police station.


Incidentally, Subodh Kumar Singh, the police officer who lost his life in the mob violence, was also the investigating officer of Mohammad Akhlaq’s lynching case and was instrumental in having all the accused arrested in 2015. Akhlaq too was lynched by a mob then, on suspicion of him keeping beef at his home.



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