Shocking Facts About Your Favorite Cola Drink


Coca-cola is the one of the biggest brands globally! Be it with liquor or mocktails, your favourite drink is always present to serve your home parties or even outdoor events. The Cola name is almost synonymous with any soft drink and arguably the first choice for any black coloured aerated beverage.

But Wait! Did You Know This?

There is a proven practical theory that this drink or call it a chemical is absolutely bad for your body. It may work as a refreshment but it is slowly killing your metabolism in the body with the high levels of acids present in the drink. There are a battery of acids that come along with your refresher and many associate this as a slow poison for your body. It may also lead to diseases like, cardiac arrest, stroke, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc., especially in young children as it interferes with the balanced diet, rather than complementing it.

Watch the Video Below. You Will Be Shocked to Learn the Alternate Use of Your Favourite Drink

From removing a chewing gum stuck in your hair, to bleaching your hair, the cola is effective for all. The video also demonstrates how it can be used alternately to remove stains from gadgets or utensils as well. Cola is also used as a baking agent replacing baking soda, which helps the bake to rise well.

That’s Not All

The video also shows other DIY activities that can be done with Coca Cola and its accessories. And yes………….it helps cleaning off your blood stains during menstruation cycle as well.


However, an article on the official site of Coca-Cola UK mentioned that this is all rumour mongering and there is only a small amount of edible acid present in the drink. The company also advised that they did not recommend the cola for any other use except for enjoying their drink.



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