Punjab Jeweller Duped with ‘Entertainment Bank of India’ Currency


Demonetisation is passé, but some of our smart countrymen do not fail to surprise us with new tricks and stunts of looting each time.

Shyam Sundar Verma of Ludhiana was the target, to a couple who allegedly duped him during a purchase of gold ornaments. The couple had visited Verma’s jewellery shop and made a purchase of 56 gms of gold worth Rs. 1.90 Lakhs.




The shop owner said that the couple checked out a few ornaments and later decided to make the purchase. The final price was calculated, however, the couple handed over a polythene bag to Shyam and immediately left the shop. It was only when Shyam opened the bag, he realised that he had been duped by ‘fake notes’ which mentioned ‘Entertainment Bank of India’ on them. He said,

“A couple came and showed their interest in buying gold jewellery. Once the price was calculated, they handed me notes wrapped in a polythene bag and left in a hurry. After they left, I discovered the notes were fake. The notes had ‘Entertainment Bank of India’ written on it in place of Reserve Bank of India.”

Verma also added that it had taken him many years to set up this business venture and he almost lost everything in a fraction of a second. While he did register an FIR with the Jodhan police station, the jeweller is unsure whether the police will be able to nab the thieves and also make good his severe loss.

Currently, the CCTV clips procured by the police show that the couple arrived in a car, which did not even display the registration plate on it.


Duping jewellers is not uncommon. Recently, the rural police of Kolhapur in Maharashtra arrested a gang of nine robbers for allegedly duping four banks, a credit society along with jewellers upto a tune of Rs. 39 Lakhs.

In another incident reported from Ambala, Punjab in October itself, a case was registered against six men for tampering with records of a jeweller and hacking into his computer software, thereby, committing a fraud to the extent of Rs. 1 crore.



While in case of Shyam Sundar Verma, many would argue that he should have been more alert with the payment procedure, only he can tell the swiftness in which the couple came with an ulterior motive of committing the fraud and escaping the scene.





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