Staple food of Dal could be soon off your plate, prices rise by 40% in last three months

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The noise about 300+ seats have completely turned the focus from daily issues to….‘its all about winning…period!’ And if pro-Modi channels have exhausted their quota of showcasing PM Modi all day long, they are alternately occupied running 24/7 Rahul Gandhi story.

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Where does it leave coverage for a common man’s plight? As per a report by Amar Ujala, the prices of pulses have increased by 30-40% in past three months. A long phase of general elections seems to be the reason for the rise in retail and wholesale prices, which got the farmers and traders worried about their cash transactions.

Increase in prices of moong dal, urad dal and other pulses including the staple diet of Arhar Dal have been silenced in all the electoral pompous and pseudo nationalism noise. There has been almost 40% increase in the prices since the first week of February this year.

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Arhar dal which was sold at Rs 65 per kg in the markets of Agra, have become Rs 87 (wholesale) and Rs 95 (retail) just within four months. There are some other varieties of arhar dal sold at Rs 90 per kg.

The price hike is attributed to the long electoral process, which reflected poorly on the supply since the production was low became low. Pulses being imported from Myanmar, Australia and Canada, too, had an impact on the rising prices.

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If you are a dal fry lover at local dhabas, you will witness a steep increase in the price for the same, nearly by Rs 20 per plate. The menu cards of every restaurant seem to have got altered, of course unfavourably for the diner. Tiffin meal operators too have started replacing yellow dal with the black masoor dal, which is comparatively cheaper.
As reported by Amar Ujala

It will be interesting to see whether mainstream media shifts their focus to core ground issues and gives a voice to the common man.

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