Islamophobia in exams: ‘If a Muslim kills a Cow ..’, question in Law College Exam

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Does anything shock us now-a-days? Well if you thought NO, read below:



“Ahmed, a Muslim kills a cow in a market in the presence of Rohit, Tushar, Manav and Rahul, who are Hindus. Has Ahmed committed any offence?” 





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Since the image of the question paper surfaced on social media, the university was immediately contacted. In the hindsight, the institution said “regretted” the question and decided to “delete” it. They also confirmed that students will not be evaluated on their answer.

Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia, shockingly expressed an enquiry into the said matter. He quoted:


“It is very bizarre and seems to be an attempt to disturb the harmony of society. We won’t tolerate such misconduct. I am ordering an enquiry, and if found true, strongest action will be taken.”
Manish Sisodia – Education Minister, Delhi


On Sunday night, Bilal Anwar Khan, a Supreme Court lawyer, shared the image of the question paper on twitter and wrote,

“Here is a new normal, de-humanising an entire community. A law college at Narela, NCR’s third-semester question paper”.



The college he was referring to is the Chandra Prabhu Jain (CPJ) College of Higher Studies and School of Law at Narela, which is affiliated to GGSIPU.

Khan further said that he had written to the university and the college asking them to clarify the matter but was yet to receive a response. In his email, he said,

“The nature of question paper is highly derogatory in its form and nature against particular class and community. The question blatantly dehumanises one community which is against the very spirit of the Constitution of India and the egalitarian values… Please kindly take the appropriate action against such vilification.”


Neeta Beri, Principal of the School of Law at CPJ College, said that the university had made the question paper, however, she also added that she did not feel the need to take up the matter with the authorities.

“I was not aware of this paper as I have been on leave, but I don’t think I need to raise a voice against this. It’s a question of law. Any situation can arise, and the court can be asked to take a decision on the same,” she said.



The name of the examiner was not revealed as the paper was drafted in utmost confidentiality. While justifying this ‘disturbing‘ question, an official at GGSIPU’s examination department argued:

“Questions are being asked on the basis of what is happening in society. It’s a good thing to ask students such questions so that they can correlate legal provision with the facts of the society. It has to be seen only from the academic perspective.”

Although, GGSIPU Registrar Satnam Singh said the university “regretted the error”. He added that it was not right to connect anything to any religion. To put an end to the matter, he concluded that they regretted this error in the paper and and the question had been now deleted. He also said that no marks will be assigned to this question, even if any student had attempted it.
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Singh suggested that an advisory will be given to the examiners in the future for not framing such questions.




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