Dance Teacher Shot Dead in Delhi For Mocking Steps

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Is this to do with Delhi culture or people have just become too intolerant overall?

A dance teacher, who was merely 20-years-old, was allegedly shot dead by some unidentified persons in Delhi on Wednesday. The dance teacher, Avinash Sangwan, was a part of Vamiki Jayanti procession when this incident took place.

Avinash was present at the occasion along with his friend when he reportedly mocked a step of a stranger during the dance. The unknown person was a well-built man who supposedly took offence of Avinash imitating him and pushed him back in anger. Ignoring this scuffle between the two, the dance teacher did not care and continued dancing.

The man then disappeared for around half-an-hour only to return with his two friends. As per the complaint lodged by Avinash’s friend Nikhil, the man returned with his two friends and they all joined them in the dance. However, within minutes, something went amiss and the unknown man shot Avinash dead.


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The 20-year-old was hurriedly rushed to the hospital for immediate medical aid, however, he passed away on his way itself.

His friend told Hindustan Times that he suddenly heard a gunshot and saw Avinash bleeding from his chest. He added that when they tried to remove his t-shirt they could see him bleeding from his right side of the chest. Sangwan collapsed on the spot and was assisted by a passerby’s car to be taken to the nearest Lohia Hospital. Even the doctors confirmed that he had died of the gunshot well before he had reached.

Some onlookers was were a part of the procession managed to capture the shooting on camera.





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