Dr. Manmohan Singh pens his journey through five-volume book, “Changing India”

Changing India - Dr. Manmohan Singh

You have to brace yourself for this Big One

…or shall we say the Big 5!



Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, pens his long journey through entire public life, including the economic liberalisation and the ten years of the United Progressive Alliance in power. The five-volume book titled “Changing India” is being launched today.

Published by Oxford University Press, the book is being described as a definitive expression of Dr. Singh’s perspectives on a wide range of economic, social and political issues as they evolved under his long and eventful career.







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Singh, who has been referred to as the architect of the opening up of the country’s economy, has been critiquing the present dispensation’s policies, especially on the economic front. Not just after the ‘Monumental Failure of Demonetisation’, as he described it, he has also raised concerns on the Narendra Modi regime at several events.



Dr. Manmohan Singh as RBI Governor


Describing the political and economic evolution of the country over the last few decades :



                                                                        -Dr. Manmohan Singh 



– VOLUME 1: ‘India’s Export Trends and the Prospects for Self-Sustained Growth’


– VOLUME 2: ‘Thoughts on Trade and Development’


VOLUME 3:  The International Economic Order and the Quest for Equity in                                   Development’


– VOLUME 4:Economic Reforms: 1991 and Beyond’


– VOLUME 5:  ‘The Prime Minister Speaks’ (2 Parts)




The title of the fifth volume could be an answer to many who mocked him for not being vocal enough during the end of UPA-II. However, in his last days as the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh summed up his defence by saying…….

“History will be kinder to me.”


Singh’s family breaking into a Bhangra after being re-elected as the Prime Minister of India in 2009



Today after 4.5 years of India being governed under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s, one cannot deny that even the worst of Dr. Singh’s critics have accepted their former harsh stance against him, as unjustified.



Dr. Manmohan Singh as Finance Secretary with RBI Governor I. G. Patel



India under Dr. Manmohan Singh’s government is best remembered for the country’s economic growth rate staying on a high trajectory, besides the coming into being of a rights-based legal framework.



Dr. Manmohan Singh – Prime Minister of India


Social media could not stop buzzing today especially where many are eagerly looking forward to read what the great economist has to say.


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Some social media users immediately compared it with the recently launched book called “Exam Warriors” by the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi.





Dr. Manmohan Singh Took Just One Holiday in 40 Years








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