Humanity is not completely dead; Gujarati Family dismantles Mercedes Benz to rescue a kitten

Tailor family with technician and kitty

A Gujarati family have displayed how good human values still exist within us and the society!

Jayesh Tailor, a Surat-based businessman, and his family were travelling in their Mercedes-Benz from Sion in Mumbai, to visit the Siddhivinayak temple on Thursday, 29th November.




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While all was going fine, they heard a cat meow in their car. Their dog, Bruno, who was also accompanying them started getting restless. The Tailors felt something was amiss, because their Lhasa Apso, who is usually quiet and obedient, kept putting his head out of the door, indicating he was looking for something. Soon, the family heard soft, mewling cries coming from ‘within’ the car, which made them realise why Bruno was agitated.

A tiny kitten was stuck in the car’s underside and once the family discovered the trauma of the little kitty, they immediately summoned the technicians from Mercedes breakdown helpline to Sion. The car was then slowly driven to an authorised workshop in Kalina, where it was partly dismantled so that the kitten could be safely brought out.
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However, the task was tedious and little did they know that they would have to actually dismantle their luxury machine. It took the technicians six hours to find the stowaway because it remained silent throughout, making it even more difficult to locate it.

This was also probably the first time ever in their customer care history, the employees of the Mercedes breakdown helpline, received such a distress call where the customer wanted to dismantle their car to rescue a kitten!

Amar Sheth, who runs the Mercedes-Benz dealership along with the Kalina workshop informed Mumbai Mirror that they relied on cellphone torches and ears to locate the cat. The under chassis and several other parts were removed. He added that the cat was hiding in a tight spot within the engine bay.

And it’s not just the Tailors who displayed their kindness, the mechanics at the workshop too decided not to charge a single penny to rescue to cat. One of the employees at the workshop, Anupam Mhaske even expressed his wish to adopt the little one instantly after it was rescued.
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All this happened on a day when the family who going to visit the famous Siddhivinayak temple to seek blessings for Tailor’s daughter, Saily, who has secured admission to a college, abroad. They may not have been able to complete their divine journey for the day, however, the family felt overjoyed that the baby kitten made it without any injuries.

“I am sure we will be able to visit the temple the next time we are in Mumbai. We are so happy that the kitten didn’t suffer even a scratch. We love animals—apart from Bruno, we have another dog, Boojo, and a cat, Maxi,” said Jayesh.”

There is no greater joy than helping any life in need! 👏👏👏





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