What a lovely Gift! Irom Sharmila, 46, delivers twin daughters on Mothers Day

Irom Sharmila with husband

Can there be a bigger “Mother’s Day” Gift for any woman?

Civil rights activist Irom Sharmila, known across the world as the Iron Lady of Manipur for her 16-year hunger strike against the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in the state, gave birth to twin girls on Mother’s Day (May 12) in Bengaluru.

Irom Sharmila married in 2017

She gave birth after 35 weeks of pregnancy through a C-section delivery at Malleshwaram branch of the Cloudnine hospital at 9:21 am on Sunday. The 46-year-old had settled in Kodaikanal after her marriage with Desmond Coutinho in 2017.

Irom Sharmila with husband Desmond Coutinho

The activist and her husband, Goan-born British national Desmond Coutinho, have named their daughters Nix Sakhi and Autumn Tara. Sharmila was quoted as saying:

“This is a new life, a new beginning for me. I am very happy. Neither Desmond nor I had any preference, we just wanted healthy children.”

The babies weighed 2.16 kg and 2.15 kg, respectively, at the time of the delivery. Their obstetrician-gynecologist, Dr Sripada Vinekar said:

“Delivering on Mother’s Day was a pure coincidence. It wasn’t planned. They didn’t even realise the coincidence until I told them about it.

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We were planning to operate next week but Sharmila had to be rushed into the hospital on Saturday night due to early labour pains. She is a strong strong lady. We plan to discharge her by Tuesday or Wednesday.”

Sharmila added that her happiness doubled on realising that her daughters were born on Mother’s Day.
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The lady made India turn towards a small north eastern state by torturing her body. Not just for a day or two like a typical politician, but her struggle continued for 16 long years.
Irom Sharmila is from Manipur, one of the seven sister states that are under the AFSPA (Armed forces special powers act). She grew up in a time period where 5500 people were killed due to political violence.
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