Uttar Pradesh Police’s ‘Shoot at Sight Operations’ paralysed a father of two forever

Jitendra Yadav

On Saturday, a horrific case was reported from Uttar Pradesh when an Apple executive Vivek Tiwari was shot dead by UP police as they alleged him of suspicious activity.

However, there seems to be other similar cases from the state coming to light as well. Eight months ago, 26 year old Jitendra Yadav was shot by a Inspector named Vijay Darshan while he was returning home in Noida on the night of 03rd February. He claims it was all a misunderstanding as the inebriated Inspector objected to Yadav and his friends being out so late.

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The young boy is now paralysed waist down, after a bullet shot by the policemen hit him in his neck and travelled down his spine. Yadav is now confined to his bed, however, his dreadful memories came alive when he read up all news on his phone on the killing of Apple’s executive in Lucknow by another UP policeman.

“This case only reinforces the way the UP police has been functioning lately – trigger-happy and reckless and destroying lives – like mine,” Yadav rues. 

The state government later regretted the incident,

“Yogi government has paid Rs. 25 lakh to Tiwari’s family. That is the worth of a person’s life in this state. What is worse is that UP government has paid me nothing in terms of compensation. They just abandoned me. I have no hope from them as well now,” Yadav told ET. 

Noida’s BJP MP and Union Minister Mahesh Sharma had visited Yadav in Fortis Hospital in Noida when he was admitted there for almost a month.

“The Minister had then said the government will stand by me till I do not stand on my feet. The government did clear the hospital bill while I was there but abandoned me thereafter. No further compensation was given to me. Now, I am spending Rs. 50,000 a month on my medical treatment from my own pocket. The Ministers and MLAs who came to see me then now do not even give time now,” Yadav says.

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Expenses includes nearly Rs. 25,000 a month on a physiotherapist who is trying to make Yadav walk again. There is hardly any success so far and he is spending huge amounts on medicines, repeat MRIs and a full-time qualified help that he has employed.

“Whenever I try to stand, I collapse. Doctors can’t say when I will be all right. I have spent Rs. 18 lakh on my treatment and the court case so far. I have to ensure the cop does not get away,” he says. 

Yadav has been closely following the court case after the accused Inspector was charged in the case and is in jail. The Inspector was not granted bail from the Allahabad High Court and he is in jail.

“But three of his team members who were along with him that night are free. The case was meant to be under Section 307 (attempt to murder) but has been diluted to Section 308 (attempt to commit culpable homicide),” Yadav told ET. 

Yadav who ran a popular Gym in the area prior to the shooting, used to earn nearly Rs. 70,000 a month.

“The Gym is hardly able to make any money now. I have two small children and was married just four years ago. I was an aspiring body-builder and weighed 104 kgs before this incident – now I am down to just 70 kgs. My health is now failing,” Yadav says, struggling to keep a hold on his emotions.

His family also met former CM Akhilesh Yadav in Lucknow after the incident who had also raised the matter in the state assembly while Samajwadi party raised it in the Lok Sabha.

“Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath did mention my name once, regretting the incident, but that was about it. No further help was given,” he says. A full prosthetic leg support and a pair of crutches lie next to his bed, but Yadav has hardly used them. “I am unable to stand or even sit properly,” he concluded. 

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