Student Mob beat up Afghan as well as Kashmiri Students at Noida University


A Kashmiri student was severely beaten up by a group of students at Greater Noida’s Sharda University of Uttar Pradesh state. The students who were involved in the brazen act were demanding eviction of Afghani students.

A group of students said that there was some tiff between local students and some Afghani students over some issue during past several days.

“Today, the local students numbering over 200 took out protest demonstration demanding eviction of all the Afghan students from the varsity. As the protesters were marching ahead of a Kashmiri student who was sitting in a lawn adjacent to the road through which the protesters were going, suddenly caught hold of him and beat him to the pulp, “the students said.

Ahtisham Bilal, a first-year student of Medical Imaging Technology, was allegedly beaten up by a group of students. The group had gathered to demand action against Afghan students, who allegedly beat up some Indian students on campus as well, reported Indian Express.

Several police officers, including CO Greater Noida 1, and SDM Sadar were present on campus to defuse the situation and it was in the midst of this that Bilal was attacked. Bilal’s friend, who did not want to be named, told The Indian Express that he was targeted because he is Kashmiri.

“Bilal and I were sitting on the stairs. The demonstrating students were chanting slogans like ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ and ‘Hindustan zindabad’. Around four of them walked up to him and asked him if he is Kashmiri. When he said yes, they started beating him up. He lost his phone during the assault,” he claimed, adding that Bilal did not know the men who assaulted him.

Police, however, said that Bilal was attacked because of a prior disagreement with some students.

“They took advantage of the chaos during the demonstration to beat him up. We were close by, so we intervened and took him to a hospital. He returned to the hostel in the afternoon,” said a police officer.

The university in the meanwhile has brushed aside the incident calling it a “simple scuffle”. Commandant Greater Noida Ist, Amit Kishore Srivastava (DSP) said that no written complaint had been received from the university and thus no action could follow.

He said that police teams were deployed in the varsity in wake of the protests in the university.

“It was in the midst of the demonstration that some kind of fist-fight broke out. In the crowd, it is not possible to identify who beat who,” said a university spokesperson.

PDP youth president Waheed Para took to Twitter to condemn the incident and urged the Home Minister to take steps to ensure security to Kashmiri students.

The university had suspended three Afghan students and issued show-cause notices to 10 others who were involved in a fight in campus earlier. It has also postponed its mid-term examination scheduled for Friday to Monday as a precautionary measure amidst the tension.



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