“Kiran Bedi misused police to detain her son-in-law & granddaughter”; alleges family. Mens Rights Activists get them released

Ruzbeh Bharucha, Saina Bharucha with daughter Meher Bharucha

This is a story which has not been reported by Mainstream media despite the same being shared and debated widely on online platforms.

This is a follow up on the video posted by Puducherry Governor Kiran Bedi’s granddaughter, Meher, on April 04, that had gone viral on social media.

In the video below, Mehr Bharucha, had alleged that her naani (grandma) was using police influence to keep her away from her father, following a discord in the marriage amongst her parents.

However, just within two weeks of the video that emerged online, Meher’s aunt and her father’s sister, Jenn Bharucha tweeted on Thursday:

“My brother Ruzbeh and niece Meher have been forcefully taken by Pune police inspite of restraining court orders.”

She marked the Prime Minister’s office, Narendra Modi’s official handle along with other Mens Rights Activist (MRA), calling out for support through social media.

Jenn said that the police came in civil clothes after 6pm and took her niece in a police vehicle.

Bharucha also shared the whereabouts of her brother and niece were unknown:

“This is not the way pune police troubles my brother ruzbeh and 11 year niece meher. The police forecfully have taken them both and the whereabouts not known. Look forward to your support to make this viral @DeepikaBhardwaj@Manekagandhibjp@Teensthack@MumbaiMirror@TimesNow”

MRA Deepika Bhardwaj, shared Jenn’s tweet calling out for help, suggesting that Ruzbeh could be behind bars, since the courts were closed from Friday through Sunday.

Bhardwaj continued to state that she happened to speak with one ACP Barge from Pune Police who did not share any information with her.

Later Deepika clarified that Cop Bhagwan from the Pune Police informed her that they did not arrest them, however, they were going to produce Ruzbeh (father) and Meher (minor daughter) in front of the CWC (Child Welfare Committee) on Friday. Bhardwaj questioned if the duo was to be produced on Friday, why were they picked up on Thursday?

Another follow up was shared that Ruzbeh and his daughter were traced at the Pune Police station at around 10:30 pm on Thursday where Meher confidently submitted her statement that she wasn’t kidnapped, but living with her father at her own will.

This morning, Bhardwaj once again expressed her anguish that the news was not covered by any media and also alleged that the 11-year-old who lived with her father, was taken away by the cops under pressure. She quoted:

“An 11 yr old child was taken away by cops knowing well she’s with her father, obviously on command of Ms. Kiran Bedi, but none in media cares.”

To this, Jenn replied how laws were unfair and only a husband could harm his wife and not vice-versa.

It was not just Bhardwaj, many other Mens Rights Activists, who are fighting for “Shared Parenting”, managed to assemble at the police station lending their support to the father. They alleged that Ruzbeh had been detained illegally by misusing Kiran Bedi’s influence.

Image result for meher bharucha with ruzbeh

MRA KD Jha, later confirmed that Ruzbeh had been released from police custody and thanked his subordinates who took out time to help the father get justice:

“Pune police went on back foot and released the innocent man. Thanks everyone who take time out to help the man get justice and stand against this powerful and biased system. @KiranBediBJP you talked about police reforms whole life and sad to see your own daughter misusing it.”

These were some of the other reactions from twitter yesterday :

There is no formal statement from Kiran Bedi or her daughter Saina Bharucha in this matter as yet.

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