Modi govt went all out to rescue footballers in Thailand Cave; while Meghalaya men still await assistance from Centre

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The Meghalaya government has expressed its concern, over time running out to save the lives of men trapped in the flooded mines of Jaintia Hills, which had been operating illegally. Divers have been searching for the miners since over 15 days.


As per the ‘National Disaster Response Force’, this operation to rescue people trapped inside a “rat hole” coal mine in Meghalaya has been one of the most challenging tasks they have ever seen.




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This incident has raised questions, over the lack of sensitivity shown by the Indian government to the men trapped in the mines of Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya, in sharp contrast to over-the-top concern shown for the football team trapped at a cave in Thailand in June this year.






The Indian Embassy had immediately recommended the services of the Kirloskar Brothers’ Limited, who held expertise in dewatering, to the Thai authorities. Experts from the Pune-based firm were on site since 5th July, and offered technical support on dewatering and pumps involved in the rescue operation.

Miners trapped in Meghalaya



Addressing the nation through the 46th edition of his monthly radio programme ‘Mann ki Baat’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the sense of responsibility displayed during the entire operation was amazing.


He had also lauded the efforts of the rescuers and the authorities in the operation, saying:


“Everyone got involved in the rescue mission like a team.”






Adding further he said:

“Government, parents, media, countrymen everyone displayed extraordinary patience. The restrained behaviour, is a lesson for all. Wonders happen when entire humanity comes together.”








However, this time around, a similar human tragedy within our own country has failed to evoke the conscience of neither the Prime Minister nor many of us Indians.






The Centre confirmed, only a few days ago, of sending professional divers and equipment to Meghalaya to help trace and retrieve miners trapped inside a coal mine in Ksan village of the state’s East Jaintia Hills district.



Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma told Hindustan Times, that water levels were not receding and the pressure was still very powerful, hampering efforts by divers and personnel on the seventh day in their bid to rescue at least 13 people, who are feared dead.



Many who tweeted cheering the rescue of the little boys in Thailand, seem to be far from reality when it came to their own country’s people.


























Extremely Insensitive Tweet by Governor of Meghalaya Offends Indians







  1. Shame on the Modi BJP Govt. Seems they are interested in matters where Modi will be hailed a hero by the International media. Limelight hoggers. Men’s lives are expendable for them.


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