Its 2018! Yet the criteria for Ideal Brides in India has not changed

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Indian man’s obsession for a stereotype wife continues. Despite all the awareness through various government and non-government organizations, some potential grooms choose to overlook the basic fundamentals of marriage, reducing it to mere appearance and ideal characters.

Such has been the case with a recently published matrimonial that has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

The Ad has been posted by a 37 year old Mysore based industrialist, as he describes himself. He mentions that he has his own international export business and is presently earning an eight figure salary [though per month/per year is not known 🙂 ].

His main criteria for marriage seems to be looking out for an “attractive bride with high aspirations”. He further insists that her age should be “strictly below 26 years”.

Moving on to the desired character of his future wife, he states that “she should be a non-smoker, non-feminist, good cook and never been married before or have any kid”.
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On a funny note, he becomes generously liberal to state that “Caste, Creed, Religion and Nationality will be no bar”. Don’t miss his charitable gesture when he writes “No Dowry Required”.

Lastly, he ends requesting for a “short biography and a recent picture of the bride to be emailed to him.”
Original Ad in The Hindu

This Ad has drawn a lot of flak on social media for its offensive content that proves sexism is still highly prevalent in many communities in our country. Several men and women have given a befitting reply to this Ad. One of them also mentioned to have sent him a dummy email, to which she alleged that he replied back to her with rape threats.

Many have also questioned the newspaper “The Hindu” for publishing such paid content without having any moral responsibility towards society.

Women as well as men in India are strongly opposing to any such regressive demands from potential grooms, and rightly so. Mindset is everything and it needs to change treating women as equals and not mere objects for display.
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