North Delhi School Segregates Classroom Sections Basis Hindu-Muslim Student Count

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The Education Department of the BJP-led North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) Wednesday received reports that students were being allegedly segregated into Hindu and Muslim sections at its school in Wazirabad. The Department immediately directed a senior official to visit and inspect the same.

The officer was asked to check on Top authorities if they have taken cognisance of it, and if the allegations are found true, quick action to be taken against those found involved, sources in the NDMC said.

“The director of the Education Department has already instructed a senior official from the zonal office to visit the school and look into the allegation as reported,” a source said.

The primary school falls in Wazirabad area of north Delhi and administered by the NDMC. The area comes under the Civil Lines Zone of the civic body.

“Action might be taken by today itself, if allegations are found true,” he said.
Delhi School – For Representation Only

All municipal corporation-run schools in Delhi are primary schools and teachers in other municipal schools expressed their shock over the reports.

“Schools, primary level no less, should be kept away from politics, and religion and caste matters should not be mentioned, for a balanced growth of a child. When a student enters a school, he or she is not a Hindu, Muslim or Sikh or Christian, but an Indian and that is how we should educate them,” a teacher in a civic school in Karol Bagh said, on condition of anonymity.

“If the segregation is being done there, then it is condemnable, and we strongly disapprove of it. Schools should unite and not divide people, and these children are such impressionable minds, it will not bode well for their growth,” he said.

Delhi School – For Representation Only

According to a media reports, even parents of the school’s students were not aware about the alleged segregation. The mother of a Class I student, who was not aware of this development, said,

“This is extremely wrong, if true. We believe all children are equal. What is going to happen if they are treated like this at the school level itself? This is very disturbing.”

Attendance records of the North MCD Boys’ School, Wazirabad village, Gali Number 9, accessed and analysed by The Indian Express, as of 09th October, show the section-wise break up of students:

* Class IA: 36 Hindus, IB: 36 Muslims
* IIA: 47 Hindus, IIB: 26 Muslims and 15 Hindus, IIC: 40 Muslims
* IIIA: 40 Hindus, IIIB: 23 Hindus and 11 Muslims, IIIC: 40 Muslims, IIID: 14 Hindus and 23 Muslims
* IVA: 40 Hindus, IVB: 19 Hindus and 13 Muslims, IVC: 35 Muslims, IVD: 11 Hindus and 24 Muslims
* VA: 45 Hindus, VB: 49 Hindus, VC: 39 Muslims and 2 Hindus, VD: 47 Muslims


With inputs from The Indian Express



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