Gruesome Act by Humans Leaves A Pet Dog Dead

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If you cannot value life, you are not human!

It won’t be wrong to call the family cruel and almost heartless to abandon their pet Pomeranian dog by chaining him on their balcony for nine long days while they were away. The residents of Moti Nagar in Hyderabad woke up shockingly to see that the dog had died and the family only returned to clear his carcass and clean up the balcony.

Infact the neighbours had already complained to the Animal Rights Activists about the pet being unconscious. However, when they reached the apartment first, the dog had passed away as he had not been fed for several days. The dog was sadly not just left starving but even kept chained.
Pic Credit – TOI Hyderabad

The neighbours then shared that the woman and her husband who lived in the apartment always ill-treated the pomeranian and kept him tied on the balcony perpetually. A written notice was also served to the family earlier, instructing them to take proper care of the pet by feeding him and keeping him in clean conditions. The neighbours had threatened to complained to the Blue Cross if they failed to do so.

The family did not pay any heed to these warnings. Despite the whatsapp discussions that took place in the society group, it was too late for any help to save the innocent dog.

The Animals Rights Activist lashed out at this gruesome killing of the pet and said that they were awaiting an FIR by the main neighbour witness.
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  • Why do you take responsibility of any life if you cannot handle it?
  • Dogs or any other pet, are as much a family member if you decide to keep them home
  • If you realise you cannot manage them any longer, kindly hand them over to proper shelters where they can be fed and taken proper care
  • You have no right to illtreat any life just because it cannot verbally or physically complain against you
  • This case leaves a sheer blot on humanity!
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