Pune Traffic Police to reward Rs 100 to law abiding citizens

Pune Traffic Police

This could be a first by a traffic police department!

In an innovative kind of initiative, the Pune traffic department has decided to acknowledge and reward law abiding citizens by giving them a cash voucher of Rs 100. This will be done with an aim to promote the importance of obeying traffic rules within the city.

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Pankaj Deshmukh, chief, Pune traffic department, said:

“A new innovative incentive scheme for Pune residents is in the pipeline. If a vehicle owner is stopped by any traffic cop in the city and has no pending e-challans and has all the necessary documents, we will give him a Rs 100 voucher.”

Currently, the team is working on creating an online system. If an individual is caught by a traffic cop and has all the necessary documents, a 12 digit open-ended code will be sent to him through SMS which can be redeemed at select outlets. These vouchers can be gratified at various restaurants and malls in the city designated by the Pune Traffic Police.

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Deshmukh added,

“The resident will need to show the code at the select restaurant/mall which will be a part of the project to avail the Rs 100 voucher.”

According to Deshmukh, there is no cap on the number of vouchers which can be given to the residents.

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Nonetheless, the specifics are still being worked out. Some merchants have offered 10 per cent discounts without a capping which will go above Rs 100. Some are limiting up to Rs 100. Whatever will be the final offer, the Pune traffic police has assured the minimum value to be pegged at Rs 100.

As per a recent World Health Organisation (WHO) global status report on road safety, India might be losing over 2,99,000 people each year in road accidents. Some of the reasons listed for this trend include:
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  • Rapid urbanisation
  • Poor safety
  • Lack of enforcement
  • Distracted
  • Influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Speeding and a failure to wear seat-belts or helmets

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