It is not Congress that’s dying but the Indian Democracy!


I was prompted to write this article after several wolves disguised as journalists pounced on Rahul Gandhi, the favourite scapegoat of pseudo-liberals. Let me warn you, these journalists are even more dangerous than the “Godi” media who engages in Modi appeasement daily.

I am neither a political pundit nor an expert in psephology. However, I have been closely involved with the political scenarios of the last five years.

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Modi’s Lok Sabha Campaign Had Nothing to offer to a Common Man 

As of May 20, 2019, Narendra Modi was a giant failure to a common man. His rallies and also including the so-called Chanakya Amit Shah gatherings, were subjected to empty chairs despite the humongous money pumping. The Election campaign was that of a lacklustre bitter man, who had nothing new to offer, no major achievement in his tenure but only tons of disasters. The demonetisation which crippled the Indian Economy, in any other country, would have been a death knell for any politician, just as the case of Theresa May licking her wounds post the Brexit fiasco.

How BJP successfully plants controversy before every phase of campaign? 

The sheer desperation of Modi was evident when he constantly spoke about Late Rajiv Gandhi and twenty-eight year old incident in his Election rallies.

Let’s look at Gujarat Assembly Elections in December 2018. BJP was staring at defeat in State Assembly elections, when one Ajay Agarwal, leaked the information about an innocuous meeting held at the residence of Mani Shankar Aiyar in Jangpura on December 6, 2018, between former Vice-President Hamid Ansari, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh along with Pakistani authorities.

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As expected, BJP managed their narrow win based on the hype and polarization created around Pakistan phobia, a tool which has forever worked for the saffron party.

Click on the Link to read how the entire Pak controversy was raked up before Gujarat State Elections. 

Ajay Agarwal is a Supreme Court Advocate and the former BJP candidate from Rae Bareli who lost against Sonia Gandhi in 2014 also said:

“If there are free and fair elections, BJP will not win more than 40 seats pan India”

Mani Shankar Aiyar, unfortunately, has been the scapegoat twice. In 2014, his chaiwala jibe was blown out of proportion. And later before Gujarat elections, the “Neech” term was completely twisted to give it a caste colour. The BJP is well armed with an IT Cell to fabricate and spread information that suits them best.


The journos do not dare to question either Narendra Modi or Amit Shah. Two obvious reasons for it. The bankrolling that has been happening for journalists since past five years may stop.

In the entire scheme of things today, it is the mainstream media who is largely to be blamed.
Arnab Goswami of Republic TV dining with BJP President Amit Shah
  • The pliable media has been completely bought
  • No major newspaper ever questioned or criticized the serial failures of Narendra Modi except for a Telegraph or a few less popular Journals
  • All the major TV news channels were either on the payroll of BJP or were forced to toe the line with the threat of raids
  • The NDTV too who used to question Modi was silenced in a subtle way

EVM Controversy

I do not believe in conspiracy theories about EVM hacking. But BJP could have put to rest all suspicions and rumours by agreeing to allow 100% VVPAT counting if they were so sure about the Modi wave which even the most biased newspapers failed to see. And the lame excuses of few days of delay, the training/additional staff requirement for counting, etc. all are beyond belief when you consider a Nation’s future was at stake.


Polling officers deleted votes from EVM to hide their screw ups!

The ECI went to the extent of publishing an RSS website and fake news peddling Op India article as an evidence against EVM tampering. So imagine the level of connivance the ECI has stopped to. If they agreed for a 100% VVPAT counting, I am sure the whole of India would believe that there was a Modi wave. If there was indeed a Modi wave, why did BJP lose in Rajasthan, MP and Chhattisgarh states just five months before General Elections.

The OpIndia content that the EC had earlier shared was titled as:

“IIT graduate and an IAS officer explains in detail why EVMs can’t be ‘hacked’ or ‘tampered’ with.” 

After a huge online backlash, the tweet from EC stands deleted.

Supreme Court

The Supreme Judiciary too has been compromised. Remember the four Judges protesting. Did anything change? A corrupted person was replaced by a compromised one.

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Death of Gandhi……Rise of Godse

The Father of nation’s memory was tarnished by Godse being touted as a Patriot. Yet, the BJP candidate in question was elected to become a lawmaker, despite being a terror accused, convicted of jail term and out on bail.

Getting the optics right with an arrogant Smriti Irani 

Modi 1.0 government brought in younger faces to his team in 2014. However, Smriti Irani was a colossal failure as a lawmaker. She ended up making a mess of the portfolios she was given with her arrogance. Her vindictive attitude of blocking the salaries of All India Radio (AIR) employees resulted in her getting shunted. She had lied on the sworn affidavits in her nomination papers. Yet she won in Amethi.

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“Death of Congress”…..”Blame one man Rahul Gandhi”…..Fair?

The rush to remove Rahul Gandhi has originated from the BJP think tank and supplied to the media houses. There is a sinister plan of vested interests in this calculated move. Rahul is the only threat BJP ever had. Hard to believe? Who made Modi change the campaign theme to Chowkidar? The BJP slogans, none of them worked.

The lack of a journalistic spine, which existed in pre Modi days and exposed the Bofors scandal and brought Rajiv Gandhi down despite him getting a clean chit, is the bane of India now. In any other country having a strategic defence deal with a bribe of Rs 30,000 Crores, is enough to sink a Government. Rahul Gandhi was the person who gave the shivers to Modi.

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A benign Supreme Court ever so eager to punish Rahul for associating the SC name to the “Chowkidar Chor Hai” jibe, was a benevolent master when it came to false affidavits, the so called typos in a sealed envelope and statements given by the ruling party regarding the perjury done by saying, “this was submitted before a non-existent JPC.”

The evidence was mounting, yet the calculated/orchestrated media apathy and the Supreme Court’s passive attitude helped Modi tide over the biggest defence scandal in India’s history. The sheer timing of Anil Ambani withdrawing the defamation suits one day prior to the Election results shows one thing. They want to bury the Rafale files. And who has given them the toughest fight so far? It’s Rahul.

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So, this is the ripest time to unleash the power-hungry opportunists in Congress ranks by manipulating them into thinking Rahul is the sole reason for the Congress debacle.

Imagine Virat Kohli having a five-member cricket team against an eleven-member hosts England, and some heavily corrupted umpires selected by England presiding over the match. Every appeal by India will be turned down and every fake one by England will be awarded. How do you then expect Virat to win the match?

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This is exactly what happened during the Elections. Rahul Gandhi was crippled by all the rules while Modi was having a free ride with no questions at all. He could keep mentioning the Balakot Airstrike and still get away with it. Rahul Gandhi was hounded for just one remark.

What Next?

Can journalists start asking questions on security lapse in Pulwama attack? There alone lies the answer to the biggest hijacking of the largest democracy in the world. The key to Indian Election mystery is in Pulwama and the ECI. As simple as that.

Rahul Gandhi should continue the fight in Rafale scam if Congress hopes to defeat the BJP. The BJP government is going to implode under the heavy Economic disaster by the mindless fiscal policies and actions of the Modi government. Add to that the severe unemployment, spiralling fuel prices and the host of the Modi promise unfulfilled till date.
Till date there is no enquiry how the security failure took place in the Pulwama attack

India is going to realise the double jeopardy in selecting a humongous failure of a man twice. If they manage to take Rahul out of the equation, their job is half done. The Rafale scam still remains despite democratic mandate. And Congress has been here for over 100 years. It will still survive.

And as of now Rahul Gandhi is the right person to lead it and hold it together. Give some credit to the man who got close to 8 lakh votes in both his constituencies and made Modi sweat. I doubt if the party fellas who are shouting for his ouster have any good intentions for the great Indian National Congress.

The author of the above article tweets from @Subytweets and the views expressed by him are his own.

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