Rajani Pandit – India’s First Lady Sherlock Holmes

Rajani Pandit

Don’t most of us have a ‘Detective Instinct’ in all of us at some point in time? From Sherlock Holmes to our very Indian Karamchand….. We have all donned the hat of an investigator!

Facebook Page Humans of Bombay brings to you one such story of Mumbai based Rajani Pandit. She has been regarded as one of India’s first woman private investigator.

Rajani Pandit


How Did It All Start For Rajani?

Rajani’s father was in CID (Criminal Investigation Department) and thus it was natural for her to observe her father and get hooked on to the nature of the profession he did.

During her first year in college, the young Rajani decided to work part-time as a clerk at the university office. She was all of 22-years-of-age when one of her colleagues approached her and shared about some thefts that were taking place in her house. The woman informed Rajani that she suspected her daughter-in-law, however, had no proof. This encouraged Pandit to prove her mettle as she decided to investigate this domestic case.

As described by the CID’s daughter, she set up a watch across the street to monitor the movements for solving the case. In fact with the evidences and observations, she learnt that it was the lady’s son who was the real thief. He was caught and questioned and later admitted to be stealing from his own home.

This was Rajani’s first successful case after which people started approaching her through word of mouth to resolve their cases. Rajani also says that she was approached by several news channels and papers when she came to be popularly known as India’s first female detective. She also accepts that her parents were totally unaware of her work until a long time.

When her father found out about this, he did remind her of how dangerous the profession was indeed, buy Rajani truly felt that if he could do it so could she! She completely devoted herself to the job and never desired to start a family.
Rajani Pandit


Rajani has solved approximately 80,000 cases till date. However, she cannot exclude one particular case which she feels was the most challenging ones of her career.
The case pertained to a murder of husband and son, however, there was no proof whatsoever, as to who did it. The wife of this man was a prime suspect though. Therefore, Rajani decided to field herself as an undercover at the wife’s home, thereby, working as a maid and living with the woman for a period of six months.
Pandit who worked as a house-help took care of the woman and gained her complete trust eventually. However, what made the woman suspicious about Rajan, was a recorder that made a click sound during pin-drop silence in the room. The woman was alerted and started doubting Rajani since then. She even refrained her from stepping out of the home.
Soon, one fine day, the hitman who the lady had hired for murdering her own husband and son arrived at their home. Rajani pretended to have actually cut her foot with a knife and ran out to get herself bandaged. But, she escaped to an STD booth instead and immediately informed her client to come home along with the police.
Both the lady and the hitman were arrested from the spot then.
Rajani Pandit

Her Journey So Far

Rajani, 58, claims to have written two books, won countless awards and been featured by many news channels. She also accepts of receiving few threats here and there–but says that her work is clean, mind is clear and her courage is unwavering.


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