Rishabh’s Cloud 9 residents register their protest in a unique way

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The angst and frustration of residents of Rishabh Cloud 9 was evident recently. A housing society in Indirapuram, displayed big yellow banners on their balconies as a mark of protest against the developer of the society. The displayed sign boards to demonstrate their annoyance over non maintenance of facilities or working towards forming a functional Apartments Owner’s Association (AOA).

The residents said that this was their way of protesting against the ill practices of the developer, since they did not wish to disrupt work or create any law and order situation. They also felt it was a great way to catch attention of everyone and make them realize the delays and harassment caused to the residents there.


Cloud 9

According to flat occupiers, they have been complaining for the past year about the contaminated water supply, parking space allotment and complications in forming an AOA, but the developer chooses to turn a deaf ear.

“We have been asking the developer to cooperate with forming a functional AOA so that all maintenance can be regularly taken care of. But we have not got any response. The possession of flats was given in phases and some residents moved in about seven years ago but still don’t have a representative,” Sandeep Pandey, a resident of Cloud 9, said.

As per a report by Hindustan Time, he added that at least three applications were made for the formation of the AOA but the matter is still stuck. According to residents, the various towers of the apartment complex were handed over in three phases. The first phase was handed over seven years ago, after which an AOA was formed. However, it stopped functioning and became defunct after a few years.

The residents have been trying to get a new AOA registered but the process is complicated since two AOAs cannot register from the same society. Also, for deregistering the previous AOA, all members have to be contacted, many of whom have moved out.

“If the developer cooperates, this process will become simpler for us. Since there is no AOA, the upkeep and maintenance of the complex is suffering. Lifts often need repair and water supply is a huge problem,” Pandey said.

However, representatives of the developer said that all such complications have been dealt with, but residents have been reluctant in forming an association and taking over the maintenance.

“We also want to hand over this work and have sent multiple reminders to residents but they did not form an AOA. The previous association was dissolved and it was notified through newspapers,” a spokesperson of the Rishabh group, said.

Cloud 9

Residents further said that although contaminated water supply was a major concern, the builder did not take any additional connection for water supply from the Ganga despite requests.

“The water we get is highly contaminated and stinks. We have been asking the builder to get more Ganga water but nothing has been done. The RO system also remains dysfunctional and much water is wasted in using it,” Artee Suri, another resident, said.

However, the spokesperson for the developer said that the RO system was repaired and was working fine.



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