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Heart Melting Video : Elephant Falls Off Platform in Russian Circus, His Two Brothers Quickly Rush To Check On Him

Russian Circus - For Representation Purpose Only

The Russian Circus rose to world acclaim during the Soviet period, when acts from many Russian circuses united to tour the United States under the title, “The Moscow Circus”.

If there’s one thing Russian is famously known for in the entertainment industry, is their ass-kicking spy movies and jaw-dropping circus performances, be it with humans or with animals. But beneath all these high adrenaline show, one cannot miss the soft emotions that play amongst the performers.

Recently, one such moment was captured on camera by a spectator at the Russian circus. The incident not only got the audiences at the edge of their seats but melted their hearts at the same time!

The circus started to reach its climax when performers took out three tiers of platform and one elephant made a move to climb it.

On the left side of the stage, it can be seen that two other elephants are patiently watching their brother’s act in the spotlight.

While on the platform, the elephant looks from left to right as if it was scared or seeking assurance from its other siblings.

The circus crowd cheered and applauded with amazement for the difficult trick the elephant just pull off. However, the surprise did not end there. Shortly after the stunt, elephant’s nightmare came true. It lost its balance and fell from three tiers of high platform!

The two elephants who were watching from the side earlier, quickly came to his rescue and check if he’s okay…making it an Awww moment!

Although the scene was chaotic when the elephant fell, every single visitor were touched within a second when the other elephants came forward to help their brother.

The display of affection displayed that animals have hearts just as big as humans, to help those who are in need. Truly something that we humans are forgetting.

In July this year, Animal Defenders International (ADI) called on governments worldwide to end the use of wild animals for entertainment on public safety and animal welfare grounds.

ADI president Jan Creamer said:

“Using wild animals in circuses is a recipe for disaster, putting animals and the public in harm’s way.”

The group said keeping stressed, large and dangerous wild animals close to the public in lightweight, temporary enclosures, and with inadequate or no safety barriers, has “proven disastrous”.

Workers and members of the public have been killed, it said, adding that animals are confined in small spaces, deprived of physical and social needs, spending excessive amounts of time shut in transporters.

“These animals are often seen behaving abnormally; rocking, swaying and pacing, all indicating that they are in distress. Video evidence has shown how these animals are forced to perform tricks through physical violence, fear and intimidation.”

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