Times Now ex-employee apologizes to Delhi citizen for running one sided story

Sarvjeet Singh Bedi

Sarvjeet Singh Bedi, a New Delhi resident, suddenly became a notorious name overnight in August 2015, when Jasleen Kaur, a student of St. Stephen’s College accused him of eve teasing.

             Jasleen Kaur’s Facebook post in 2015

Kaur had accused Bedi of making “lewd comments” at her and the case was discussed and debated on every news channel back then. The case had become a hot topic of discussion, especially because Kaur had directly drawn a parallel to the safety of women in the National Capital.

   Sarvjeet Singh Bedi’s response in August 2015

However, main stream media once again failed to show both sides of the story and the case took a shocking turn when an eye-witness, Mr. Vishwajeet, narrated a completely different version of the incident. The witness infact even questioned the claims made by Jasleen Kaur and asked whether it was Bedi who was the real victim.

Now, its been 3 years to the incident, and Singh, 28, has managed to continue with his job alongside a label of a molester. He has been charged with IPC sections 354 A and 506 (punishment for criminal intimidation), just on the word of Kaur. As per a report by The Print, he has to appear at a police station every time he wishes to leave the city and does not have a passport yet.

“Each time I go to the court for the hearing, they call out my name, ask me to put my hand up and write down my name, they ask if the complainant has come. Because she is absent, another date is given and the matter is dismissed. This has been happening for the past three years”, as quoted by The Print.

As far as the court proceedings are concerned, there have been 13 hearings so far, however, the arguments in the case against him are yet to commence. Kaur on other hand has not attended even a single hearing in the matter. After a prolonged absence, a Delhi court has now issued a baliable warrant against Jasleen Kaur in August 2018.

Singh’s post last year

Interestingly, another element in the story has added an interesting dimension to the case, which is the ‘The Role of Media.’

A former Times Now employee, has now come forward and apologised (in a personal capacity) to the accused, Sarvjeet Singh Bedi, accepting that he is “ashamed” and “regrets” the episode.

“Just read ThePrint article on the story of your case. I was very disturbed. I wanted to personally apologise to you for playing a part in your character assassination. I worked with TIMES NOW during the time of the incident,” the former Times Now employee sent Bedi a personal Facebook message.

    Message from former Times Now employee

He further added that it was “sad” that journalism had been reduced to “breaking stories” without verifying them.

“Your case was one such. I was one of the first ones to break that story and I can’t tell you how much I regret it today, “I have been meaning to message you and apologise since the time I quit TV news. But reading the article today made me really sad. I am very sorry”.

Sarvjeet stated that he had no complaints with the journalist but demanded an apology from the channel, Times Now.

“The journalist was just an employee of the Times Group who was doing his job. It is the channel and its editor who should issue an apology, they called me a national pervert, delhi ka darinda (Delhi’s demon) and what not. That was not the employee’s fault but an editorial call”.

Sarvjeet shared a Facebook post later yesterday, where he urged people not to believe everything that is shown on TV News Channels purely for the sake of increasing TRPs.

                    Bedi’s appeal on Facebook

Arnab Goswami was the editor-in-chief of Times Now at that time the story was broken and had run a prime time show daily accusing Sarvjeet Singh Bedi without verifying his side of the story.

Social Media has erupted coming out strongly in support of Bedi and also questioning one sided story of the girl in question.











  1. Apologies my foot. He should sue all those who maligned him for at least 20 crores and use the money to leave the country and start life afresh abroad.


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