Girl Who Committed Suicide Because She Failed; Had Actually Passed

Riddhi Parab and her marksheet

A tragic end for a young bright mind!


Riddhi, Parab, was a student of third year Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance (BAF) at the MPV Valia College of Commerce in Mumbai. Riddhi had failed in her Financial Management theory paper scoring only 20 marks out of 75, whereas the passing cut off was 30. She had fallen short of 10 marks.

On 10th August this year, three days after the university declared results, Riddhi was unable to face this reality and decided to take the drastic step of ending her life. She chose to hang herself to death at her residence in Andheri.


However, her parents especially the father, Ramesh Parab, who is an auto driver, decided to send her paper for a revaluation. This was done not just out of parental emotion, but because as per him, his daughter was a bright student who never scored below 80%. He wanted to have a closure to this incident. He said,

“We thought of applying for re-evaluation about 10 days after she passed away just for our peace of mind.”

But the family was in greater shock when they received the results of the re-evaluation earlier this month. The revised score in the same paper tallied to 31 instead of 20 which was published earlier. This meant that Riddhi has actually passed and not failed. Unable to control his sentiments, Parab blamed the university for this grave mistake. However, he also agreed that his daughter should not have taken this step irrespective of whether she passed or failed.

“Riddhi should never have taken this step whether she passed or failed, but the origin of the mistake is the University. Had they checked the paper properly, my daughter would have been alive. Some things need to change somewhere,” Ramesh said.

Ramesh also told Mumbai Mirror who reported this story,

“The failure came as a shock to her. She had always been a good student, never scoring below 80 per cent in any exam. After the final year exams, she was so confident of passing that she had taken admission in a Chartered Accountancy course beforehand. Even after the results were declared, she had told her friends that she was thinking of applying for re-evaluation. However, we were never able to guess what was going on in her mind. Even on the day she took her life, she did not appear upset.”
Riddhi Parab and her marksheet

Parab in his efforts demanded that the professors need to be more cautious while checking and marking papers as their small mistakes can lead to these kind of consequences. He further said that the parents work very hard to educate their children. In his case, he earns merely Rs. 700 per day yet he made every effort to provide good education to his daughter.

A university official told Mirror,

“There are many cases where students who have failed, pass in the re-evaluation process, but this might be the first case where a student committed suicide on failing and was found to have passed in the re-evaluation. Riddhi took an extreme step. The VC extended his sympathies to her family. Faculty members assess answer sheets. Papers of students who score very low or very high marks are checked again by moderators. Not all papers go through moderation. Re-evaluation is a further provision, started in 2008-2009 after the Bombay High Court’s directions.”

Role of Parents and Society :

While there are all reasons for one to sympathise with parents of children who take such extreme steps, somewhere it is also the responsibility of them to bond much more with children, especially in times when they are going through a low phase. It is important for parents to be vocal in expressing their backing towards their child despite the short term failures that they go through.

Of course, suicidal cases are largely impulsive acts committed on the spur of the moment, however, perhaps the affection and support are the only ways of keeping young minds away from such unwarranted thoughts.





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