Heart Wrenching video : “It was my father today amidst Hindu-Muslim debate, who’s father is it going to be next” #Bulandshahr

Son of Inspector Subodh Singh - Bulandshahr Riots

Violent clashes broke out in Shyana area of Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh during protests over alleged cow slaughter on Monday.

A police officer and a local youth were killed in the ensuing firing after protestors attacked a police station, setting a police van to fire. Heavy police force has been deployed in the area to restore peace as the situation remains to be tense.

Police inspector Subodh Kumar Singh and a few other policemen were trying to control the mob when they were outnumbered and the situation went out of control.  Singh, the police officer killed yesterday by a mob that went on the rampage, is survived by two sons and his wife.

Subodh Kumar Singh


His younger son, had just finished his Class 12 exams when he received the most shocking and unfortunate news of his life. The teen who never knew what was going to be in store for him yesterday when he returned, spoke what their father always told them. He said,

“He wanted us to be good citizen. He wanted us to be people who didn’t incite violence in the name of religion.”


He also recalled his last conversation with his father, saying,

“I had spoken to him one day before the incident. He was telling me to work on my weak subjects and advised me to focus more on the subject in which I received fewer marks during the last examination.”

Subodh Kumar Singh’s family

His older brother could not compose himself and kept weeping at his father’s funeral. Later he said,

“He was a very good human being. The last time I talked to him, he asked me if I had food. He lost his life in the line of duty,” he said, barely able to speak. “Sometimes, he would be told not to investigate some case…but he always did.”



Singh was hit with a stone by the mob, which went on to chase his SUV, cornering it in the fields and shot him dead.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has declared Rs. 40 lakh for Singh’s family, Rs. 10 lakh for his parents and a government job for a family member. However, the Chief Minister is yet to comment on the law and order incident in his state.



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Watch the video where Singh’s son narrates the incident as informed to him. In an anguished yet composed tone, the teen questions the government,

“Amidst all the Hindu-Muslim debate, today it was my father, who’s father is it going to be next; at least give us a head up so we can have less regrets.”



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