“Thank You Suhel Seth For Not Raping Me That Night” – Film Director #MeToo

Suhel Seth

Nana Patekar, Chetan Bhagat, Rajat Kapoor, MJ Akbar and Now Suhel Seth……The list will continue…

#MeToo campaign is gaining momentum on a daily basis, giving courage to every woman to speak up and rightly so.

Another power packed name that has popped up under the #MeTooIndia Campaign is Suhel Seth, author and a Managing Partner of consultancy firm Counselage India. The person has anonymously accused socialite Seth of being a “creep“, recounting an alleged shocking incident from August 2010.

Suhel Seth

The anonymous person had shared the story on WhatsApp with Anisha Sharma, who then posted screenshots of her conversation with the former on Twitter. She captioned her tweet saying, “In My WhatsApp messages, an anonymous story about Suhel Seth, who repeatedly asks a 17-year-old girl to join him for drinks, based off one DM, and a birthday wish”

“… I was all of 17 and used to follow him [Suhel Seth] on Twitter and catch his interviews on tv. At that time I remember being a fan of his because of how eloquent he was etc. I had seen him at the coffee shop of Taj Land End on that day as I was walking out. Later, I tweeted him to saying that I saw him and was a big fan but was too shy to say Hi. He then sent me a DM and said that I should have come and said hi. Later at night as I was at dinner with my parents, he sent me another DM and asked me to join him in his room for drinks as he had seen someone wish me on Twitter. I was shocked and immediately showed the message to my mum who was furious as well but didn’t know what to do. I didn’t respond to his message and he kept messaging me to join. And wrote ‘big wild kiss’ at the end of the last message after which I blocked him. All this to a 17-year-old girl. [sic].”


The person further said that she had deleted the DMs (direct messages) and had even disabled her account for a while.

“I wish I had those DMs today so that I could share a screenshot.”

Another Twitter User Natashja Rathore, Film Director, Creative Producer, Entrepreneur and Documentary Photographer, wrote,

“I am not doing this for publicity. I am not doing this for Money. I am not doing this to malign a person. I am doing this solely to empower other women to directly confront the perpetrator. It’s hard – But it’s about time. This is my message to Suhel Seth.”





Google Image Suhel Seth

Noted Actor Sandhya Mridul, also shammed Alok Nath following rape accusations by Vinta Nanda. She narrated her ordeal how the industry’s respected ‘Babuji’ would harass her every night in her room after the shoot.


While Mridul has encouraged all women to speak up, she has also requested all to Not make False Allegations and derail what is an extremely crucial movement.





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