Four Graduate and Undergraduate Alwar Boys Commit Suicide Due to Lack of Jobs

Depressed due to unemployment, 3 jobless friends ‘commit suicide’ by jumping before train

Lack of employment in India is killing the youth daily. The signs of depression over not finding suitable jobs have been coming to the fore. An incident in Rajasthan, shocks the nation demonstrating grave reality in finding jobs.

Four young boys in Alwar were demotivated and depressed over not getting jobs and thus decided to end their life by jumping in front of a moving train. While three of them died on the spot, one of them was seriously injured.


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The four names identified were Manoj Meena (24), Satyanarayan alias Duty Meena (22) and Rituraj alias Rishi Meena (17), while Abhishek Meena (22) was injured – All extremely young who could have had a flourishing life. Infact, they were not four, but six friends who had reached the railway tracks, however, two of them backed out and decided to return home. All four were residents of Rajgarh-Raini in Alwar.


While Manoj and Satyanarayan were graduates in arts stream, Rituraj was in college pursuing BA. Abhishek who was injured completed senior secondary education recently. One of the six friends, Rahul Meena who returned from the tracks after deciding not to commit suicide told media persons that Satya Narayan called him around 6.30 pm and asked him to come to railway tracks near Shantikunj. Rahul walked to the tracks from his rented accommodation and found Satyanarayan, Manoj, Rituraj, Abhishek and Santosh already there.

Satyanarayan informed Rahul that they were taking this drastic step as they were fed up with life as they could neither get involved in their ancestral farming work nor find jobs.




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When Satyanarayan said that they had decided to commit suicide, Rahul asked them not to do that and get away from railway tracks. They then left, but reached a nearby place and set on railway tracks. Satya Narayan even spoke to his sister on mobile phone before the train approached.

Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) has conducted a recent survey on Unemployment in India. The study reveals that the rate of unemployment has risen to 6.9% in October, which has been the highest in past two years.

There has been an almost 2000% rise in the cases of suicide due to unemployment in Madhya Pradesh between 2005-2015.


Not just the youth of India, the farmers too are under deep distress and resorting to the unfortunate, yet easy way out by ending their lives.

Are these all effects of Demonetisation which has taken away maximum jobs and employment from the Indian market? It has been two years to the abruptly unplanned demonetisation exercise and the impact is becoming apparent on a daily basis now.


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