Video : Woman drives over a playing child for few seconds without stopping


A horrible incident has been captured in a CCTV camera of a residential building at Goregaon East, Mumbai. The video has been circulated on social media widely.

An eight-year-old Mumbai boy has an unbelievable escape after a car runs him over, in a security video that has been tweeted by the Bengaluru police. The CCTV footage shows some boys playing on the road when one of the boys sits down to tie his shoelaces. At that moment, a woman enters her car, a Wagon R, and starts driving off, apparently without noticing the boy.

The Bengaluru City Police tweeted it with the caption,

“It teaches us more than what we are just watching….”

The car, with its left door open, hits the boy and keeps moving as he vanishes under the wheels in an extremely disturbing visual. However, a few seconds later, in a miraculous escape, the boy gets up with no visible signs of injury, dusts himself and runs towards his friends. Sigh!

The footage is dated 24th September, and was captured around 7 pm in the society compound of a Sadguru Complex-I, in Goregaon east, north-west Mumbai. As mentioned by one of the sources, the lady driver had been arrested from Dindoshi, Goregaon, however, immediately got bail.

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