Facebook’s 10-Year Challenge – Is this a new method by AI to profile people based on their age progression?

10 Years Facebook Challenge


You could be one of the Facebook users who have shared side-by-side photos of yourself taken 10 years ago and one taken recently.


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Now you are definitely not the only one who has taken this “Challenge“. Tech writer Kate O’Neill posed a question on Twitter recently:


“Is it possible this could be mined to train facial recognition algorithms on age progression and age recognition?”


O’Neill’s tweet has got a mixed response. While some have called it a conspiracy theory, others have praised her for bringing the topic to the forefront. O’Neill’s tweet was been liked nearly 20,000 times and retweeted by approximately 8,000 people. Surely a topic of discussion that is heating up.





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However, experts believe that these images are giving data companies ample refined data to train their artificial intelligence (AI) systems to profile people based on their age progression.




One person responded to this by saying that Facebook already has profile pictures of all its users anyway — these photos were likely already on the social media networking site and therefore the challenge isn’t spurring anything new.

Others pointed out that many folks who were NOT on Facebook in 2009, are using photos they had not posted there before.


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In one of her posts, Kate also suggests that age recognition will be used for targeted advertising. It could in future also factor insurance assessment for the healthcare sector.



The tech writer concludes that one should not panic or feel bad. However, one needs to be vigilant as to how data can be used.



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