Google Home Assistant Now In Hindi Too!

Google Home Assistant

Google Home Smart Speaker will communicate with you in alternate language besides English.

The tech giant has introduced India’s dominant second language, Hindi, to support its ‘Assistant’ for the Home Smart Speaker. The company confirmed that the feature has been indeed added to its digital speaker which can also understand Indian contexts to its requests.
Google Home Assistant


To select this feature, you can simply navigate to the ‘Assistant’ tab, select ‘Add a language’ and set Hindi as the first language in the list.

After the set up, you may just say, “Ok Google” to start a conversation with Assistant on Google Home. Purvi Shah, Technical Programme Manager, Google Assistant, said,

“Our team has been hard at work teaching the Assistant on Google Home to understand Hindi, and it will now respond to you with uniquely Indian contexts.

“The Assistant is already available in Hindi on your smartphone, and now you can also get hands-free help at home in Hindi to get things done in your world.”
Google Assistant


Currently, the tech Assistant which already offers Hindi language support for its smartphones, will now also be available for Google Home and Home mini.


How to Set Up Hindi Language Option for you Google Home?

  • Google Home App
  • Tap on the Account Icon on lower right corner
  • Tap Settings
  • Select ‘Assistant’ option
  • Select Languages
  • Add a Language
  • Select ‘हिंदी (भारत)’ as Primary Language


The Assistant, though, will not be able to function in both Hindi and English simultaneously.  So choose what suits you best. Further, you may get specific answers to your questions only. Such as “समय क्या है अब” (What’s the time now) OR “भारत की राजधानी क्या है” (What is the capital of India), etc

The Hindi version of Assistant will also manage requests of news, music, weather forecasts, traffic information and stock market updates similarly to how English Assistant functions.
Google Mini


Google assistant provides you oral answers to almost everything specific that you ask. You may be able to get replies right from recipes, to your day schedule or even news briefings for the category of your choice.





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